In this article we are going to cover some quick and easy niche affiliate marketing tips that should have you seeing “green” in record, rapid fire turn around time. So if you are tired of the same old stuff, read on as we explore some novel ways to conquer new markets while most of your competition is still spending their time (and energy) on yesterdays news.

Leverage the Power of the People

This is a dead simple way to getting boatloads of backsides in front of your site, service or offer, and doing it in short order, ESPECIALLY if you are aggressively going after a reasonably small market. Very simply, if you are blogging with WordPress, you are going to set up set up a series of small mini “planet” style sites that aggregate news, content and opinion related to your niche using FREE wordpress plugins like feedwordpress.

These are typically white hat solutions as they offer link love and attribution back to the original author, so no worries about blog spam. You can mix and match your own articles, data feeds, Yahoo pipes and much more to customize the level of unique individuality for each blog. Remember to set up one PRIMARY site that exists outside of the planet which gets incoming links from all of the other satellite sites, and is comprised COMPLETELY of original content that you’ve created or paid someone to create for you. Simply announce this site with lots of article directory submissions, press releases, a nice piece of link bait – whatever you want – you WILL find yourself dominating a small niche with surprising ease simply by controlling the conversation with this simple, free and almost effortless “secret” strategy.

The Craigslist Page-rank Piggyback

I love this, and almost NO ONE is doing it. You simply grab a whole bunch of high volume, low competition keywords and write Craigslist ads that incorporate the primary words into the headline, and subject line of the ad. You aren’t worried about writing snappy ads here ( although it certainly won’t hurt!), rather, you are looking to leapfrog all your competitors in the organic Search engine results pages by simply “borrowing” CL’s page rank power for giving your ads top position in the Serp’s – often OVERNIGHT.

And no, this has NOTHING to do with the “no-follow” links in the CL ad – it is the immediate indexing and high priority given to CL results on a daily basis, your ad WILL show up if you do this and if you focus on the larger cities first – you will see an immediate impact even if highly competitive markets. The key of course is to have a good link in the copy of the posting, or an embedded url in an image if you can’t get a live link up to “point” the reader to your solution to their problem or search query.

And of course there is more, but life is short – and so is my space here! So give these a go and see how you do, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with your results. Have fun!