For someone interested in getting into the article marketing business, there are a few basic article marketing tips to follow that can make the process much easier to learn. Whether you are looking for tips on article marketing in order to boost your site’s traffic, or if you are a writer trying to better understand the process, the advice is the same. Understanding the fundamentals is key regardless of what avenue you intend to pursue.

1. Your Website’s Article

The first step you want to take when you’re beginning article marketing is to make sure that your website contains an original article of high quality. If you don’t fancy yourself a writer, there is always the option of hiring the work out. Be sure to find a good writer with plenty of samples and references that prove they know what they are doing. You can expect to pay about a penny per word on average, but don’t be shy about paying more if the writer really piques your interest.

It’s also a standard strategy to ping your RSS feed once the article is submitted to all the major directories. While many websites use WordPress which does this automatically, your site may not. If you have yet to adopt WordPress, it is certainly worth considering. It is quickly becoming a standard among modern sites.

2. Submit an article

Articles are widely considered the standard in article directories. It has strict rules that require only high-quality articles. The rewrite has to be of a quality on par with the original so it is often best to pay whoever wrote the original to rewrite the articles. Articles need to be optimized for your keyword, but cannot overuse it or the site will reject it. Because of this, the site is a great level playing field for articles of all categories.

Ezine offers its own RSS feed just like your site does. This means that when you get an article submission to their site, you can submit your feed to major directories again. In addition to pinging your RSS feed, you can include backlinks in the article which point to your primary domain name and to the original article. This means big potential for traffic from this site.

3. Submit Your Ezine Rewrite Elsewhere

If your article is quality enough to be accepted by Ezine, you should definitely consider submitting it to other article directories. There are plenty available for you to choose from. If you do a simple search you may come up with a dozen results. There is no reason not to submit your article to all of them. Some of them may use no follow tags, meaning you won’t get backlinks from them, but you can still pull traffic from them. Submitting your article to as many directories as you can, even no follow sites, will help you draw in plenty of traffic.

You can continue to rewrite your article and continue to resubmit it, but after a certain point the money spent rewriting the article and resubmitting can outweigh the potential benefits. It’s still a good idea to consider one more submission. Sure, it can take a little more time and money, but rewrites tend to come cheaper than original articles so it may be worth your while. If you follow these simple article marketing tips, even beginning article marketers can increase visibility for a domain.