Affiliate marketing is one of the most rewarding lines of work today that few people take advantage of and the ones that do are well establish affiliate marketers or really frustrated new affiliates. Not surprisingly, 90% of new affiliate marketers cannot seem to get their fingers around this lucrative opportunity.

Here are 4 eye opening tips that I hope will guide you along the path to becoming an effective affiliate.

Tip #1 What are you trying to sell/promote as a affiliate? If you are like most new affiliate marketers who have have been struggling at affiliate marketing, it is very easy to stay in the niche that got you into affiliate marketing. What I mean is you want to help people! And there is nothing wrong with helping people. This is perfectly normal but we have to put it into perspective.

Think about this for a second; If you are not making any money yet in affiliate marketing, why try to teach someone how to make money! I see this mistake all the time and doing this just does not put you were you want to be and where you should be in your new career. You should drop that ‘make money’ niche and look for something else.

This niche is highly competitive with seasoned affiliate marketers who have many years of experience. Most of their sites, articles, videos, blogs are professionally done and you cannot compete with that. So, the best thing to do is start looking for actual products or service to sell/promote. Try to help someone who desperately need a cure for an something.

Tip #2 Where to find Actual products or services? Take a look at Commission Junction, Linkshare, or even Darkblue for recognized product or services in ere affiliate network. These companies are very reliable and highly organize. ClickBank is probably where you started but ClickBank is just the tip of the Ice Burg in affiliate networks. You can also try to get some other means of learning affiliate marketing.

Give yourself a chance to learn from someone else or an organization that actually specialized in your choice of work. You would be surprised at what you can learn with other sources. It’s much more than you can imagine and putting it all together will require a little more searching.

A well establish well focused group is all that you need to see the results and with proper guidance and a well establishment company it could do the trick for you.

Tip #3 What are your means of traffic for your affiliate marketing business? Without traffic it is impossible to make your business work. Your site could be the best looking site on the webbut without visitors it’s worth anything. Is your traffic paid or free? A great source for free traffic is to use your blog or take advantage of Blogger, WordPress, YouTube, HubPages, Squidoo, etc to get some free traffic. Paid traffic Or PPC on the other hand, is something that you must plan strategically for and have a marketing budget.

Tip #4 Do you have an actual plan of action? Having a plan of action as an affiliate marketer will cost you less time and let you be more productive. It could be a one week action plan, one day, or hourly. Getting side track is one of the biggest problem that set back new affiliate marketers and it will cause frustration when there are no results.

So, set up a plan of action. Make it a point to get one to two things done per day and not twelve. Stick to the topic and that topic only. If it’s showing promising signs of profitability stay with it until it produces the results you deserve. If it’s not drop it!