To be a successful affiliate marketer, you absolutely need a blog. There are several blog platform on the Internet like blogger, typepad, movabletype and wordpress.

Personally, I prefer wordpress, but I do have some bloggers blogs to drive even more traffic to my affiliate links.

Squidoo is also a good platform, even if Google slapped them in 2007. You should still set up Squidoo lenses to get powerful backlinks to your blog.

To get a lot of traffic, you need to post everyday, especially in the first few months. This is highly important because you want to show to the search engines that your blog is frequently updated with great content.

If you post long articles, you may want to break your post into several parts. I mean that with the same article you can make two posts. Just say that it was part one or part 2…

One of my students was promoting an seo affiliate program on his blog and it’s wasn’t converting well… I asked him to remove this link and add another affiliate program and track the conversion.

It is also a good idea to add your affiliate links on the left side of your blog because it has been proven that web surfers look on the left side of the screen. Hint: put your money making links in front of them. Make it easy for them to click.

It is also crucial to download the excellent all-in-one seo plugin if you want to get even more traffic from the search engines. A sitemap is crucial for your seo plan.

In your sidebar, you may want to add a free viral ebook with your affiliate link as well. And also, don’t forget to test everything.

Next, send your articles (reworded) to with a link to your blog. For this to work well, you need to send at least one article a day (the more the better).

There are a lot of seo blogs, and yours have to stand out from the crowd, and you also need to narrow your focus: I mean that you should target a sub-niche within your main niche.

Don’t forget to comment on other seo blogs as well. Blogging is a long journey…

If you follow these tips, you should make a lot of money from your blog and affiliate marketing.