Video marketing is a great way to expose your company to thousands of prospective customers or clients. However, many marketers are clueless about true video production and marketing. Whether you are a small business owner or a marketing professional for a large corporation, here are five online video marketing tips that you can use to help you market your company.

Use YouTube

This may seem like an obvious point, many marketers forget to upload their video presentation to YouTube. Instead, they upload their presentation to their website and blog, which is good, but it only targets current customers or prospective customers.

Uploading your video presentation to YouTube gives it the chance to reach millions of people. With proper production and tagging, your video may even become viral among the Internet community. Moreover, it makes perfect sense to market your company video on YouTube because YouTube is the largest user-based video website.

Market your video on social media

You should already have a Facebook page and Twitter for your business. You should upload the video presentations on these accounts for fans and followers to see. Additionally, your fans will be able to easily share your video with their friends, thanks to integrated sharing tools.

Produce a quality video

Your marketing video shows a lot about your company. If it is poorly produced, your visitors will believe that your company is either a joke or a scam. Your video should be produced with an HD digital video camera. It is not uncommon for marketers to hire a professional video production company to produce their own company video presentation.

Include your video as a response to another video

This is a quick YouTube tip that many people dismiss. Posting your video as a response to another video is an easy and quick way to help your video gain exposure. However, you can only use one video per response, so make sure you use your best video on a video that is popular. Of course, every video response should be related to the other video.

Cram 30 minutes of information into five minutes

This may sound difficult, and by no means is it easy, but it is very doable. The problem is that many marketers are not direct. It takes them 10 minutes to say something that could have been said in two minutes. Your viewers will not want to watch a long video, so you only have approximately three minutes to tell them what they need to hear. Include as much relevant information as possible.


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